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No efforts spared:  Director-General of the Hong Kong Economic & Trade Office (London) Agnes Allcock briefs stranded students in London.


Supply service:  Deputy Director-General of the Hong Kong Economic & Trade Office (London) Eddie Lee distributes refreshments to the stranded students at Heathrow Airport.


The Immigration Department controls the movement of people into and out of Hong Kong. It also issues HKSAR passports and other travel documents, visas and identity cards, and handles nationality matters and the registration of births, deaths and marriages.

Stranded students return home

December 22, 2010

The first additional flight arranged by Cathay Pacific to bring home Hong Kong students stranded in the UK arrived at Chek Lap Kok tonight. The flight left Manchester Airport early today and arrived at 8pm.


The second extra flight will depart tonight. Eighty students holding tickets for other airlines will also be on the flight.


Cathay Pacific is operating three additional flights from December 21 to 23 to bring the stranded students back to Hong Kong.


From December 17 until today the Immigration Department has received 591 requests for assistance. London Economic & Trade Office (London) staff and Immigration Department officers continue to help the remaining students stranded in the UK.