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City brief:  Chief Executive Donald Tsang briefs President Hu Jintao on Hong Kong's latest developments.

Legislative Council

The Legislative Council's main functions are to enact laws, control public expenditure, and monitor the work of the Government.

HK's views valued in national plan

December 22, 2010

President Hu Jintao says the Central Government attaches great importance to Hong Kong's view when formulating the country's 12th Five-Year Plan.


Stressing the importance of speeding up economic integration between Hong Kong and the Mainland, Mr Hu said the national plan will tie in with the content of the Closer Economic Partnership Arrangement, adding Hong Kong is welcome to discuss the matter. He also agrees the city should continue to develop its external trade ties.


Meeting Chief Executive Donald Tsang today, Mr Hu praised the Chief Executive and the SAR Government for their performance in the past year. In particular, Mr Hu said the passage of the political-reform package was an important step forward in Hong Kong's constitutional development.

The president hoped the SAR Government will continue to adopt an aggressive attitude in responding to changes in the international financial environment, upgrading the city's competitiveness, and deepening its co-operation with the Pearl River Delta region.


He said the Government should respond to public aspiration, improve people's livelihood, and promote social harmony and stability.


Mr Tsang told reporters he had briefed Mr Hu on Hong Kong's latest economic, social and political developments. Despite Hong Kong’s strong economic growth and low jobless rate, Mr Tsang told the president the city will guard against the potential fiscal threat uncertain international factors pose.


Mr Hu agreed that Hong Kong should put more effort into developing six new industries while reinforcing the traditional pillar industries.


Mr Tsang also briefed the president on the legislative work regarding the statutory minimum wage and issues relating to the proposed Work Incentive Transport Subsidy Scheme.


He told Mr Hu the Chief Executive Election (Amendment) Bill and the Legislative Council (Amendment) Bill have been tabled at the Legislative Council, and he hopes LegCo passes the bills as soon as possible to provide candidates sufficient time to prepare for the elections.