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Donald Tsang

Warm welcome:  Chief Executive Donald Tsang greets spectators at the flag-raising ceremony at Golden Bauhinia Square on National Day.

Donald Tsang

Patriotic celebration:  Chief Executive Donald Tsang speaks at the National Day reception.

HK can contribute much to national plan

October 01, 2010

Chief Executive Donald Tsang says the drafting work of the country's 12th Five-Year Plan has come to a critical stage, adding Hong Kong has much to contribute to the plan.


Speaking at the National Day reception today, Mr Tsang said Hong Kong people will do all they can to contribute to drafting the plan and give full play to their strengths to serve the country's needs.


Reiterating the country's growing economic influence in the region and the world, he said this phenomenon will continue to intensify with the country's increasing domestic demand, external trade and overseas investment.


"In this process, Hong Kong will leverage our strengths as an international financial hub to promote the regionalisation and internationalisation of renminbi, to enhance our competitiveness, and to accumulate experience for the financial opening-up and further economic development of the country.


"Looking ahead, our country is set to accelerate the transformation of its economic development model and optimise its economic structure."


Noting the country's future is promising, the Chief Executive urged all sectors of the community to seize the opportunities to contribute more to the development of the country and Hong Kong.