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Michael Wong

Enhanced role:  Director of Information Services Michael Wong says is being developed into a multimedia channel with its own mobile phone application.

Information Services

The Information Services Department serves as the Government's public relations consultant, publisher, advertising agent and news agency. It provides the link between the Administration and the media, and enhances public understanding of government policies, decisions and activities.

News site enhanced with customisable features

October 05, 2010

The Information Services Department's online Government news platform relaunched today with a vibrant new look and a host of customisable features. News stories, features, photos and other information are being presented in a more accessible way.


Director of Information Services Michael Wong told the revamped website features enriched content and layout.


"It facilitates users to rearrange the cover webpage on their interface according to their preferences. Overall, we can say the new website is a more 'personalised' one."


Users can customise the order of news categories according to their interests and choose from six colour schemes.

Primed online

Launched in 2002, is one of the Government's three most popular websites. Eight years on, Mr Wong said it was time to upgrade the site's design and functions.


To bring government information more directly, effectively and comprehensively to the public, especially young people, the website is being developed into a multimedia channel.


"Just text and photos are not enough. People want to see more videos," Mr Wong said. "We will produce more videos featuring different aspects of government activities. We will cover not only senior government officials but also carry more stories on frontline civil servants and their day-to-day work and lives."


New media

The revamp is part of the Government's drive to make greater use of new media. The department has also set up accounts on YouTube, Twitter and Sina Microblog to disseminate news and messages more quickly and efficiently.


"Through social media we would like to communicate better with the public, especially the younger generation, so we can tap into their views and respond to them more directly and in a manner they find more attractive, interesting and more in line with their daily lives," Mr Wong said.


"The department, acting as a bridge, can reflect public views back to government departments so policies can better meet public needs."


The site also caters for people accessing the Internet via their mobile phones. An iPhone application has been developed giving users instant access to government news.


Concluding, Mr Wong said: "Do not assume our website will be boring simply because it is a government website. We have made it interesting by producing videos and stories about day-to-day lives. My hope is people will use it more often and refer friends to it."