663 people finish quarantine

February 22, 2020

The first batch of 663 people finished their 14-day compulsory quarantine today, the Department of Health announced.


None of the people who completed the quarantine became confirmed cases of COVID-19 during the quarantine period.


During the period, the Government has various measures in place to monitor whether those under quarantine are complying with the quarantine order.


While officers from disciplinary forces have assisted in spot checks, the Office of the Government Chief Information Officer has made use of a location-sharing function of communication software and electronic wristbands to ensure that quarantined people are staying at their dwelling places.


The Centre for Health Protection has set up a hotline to provide health information and answer enquiries. The Home Affairs Department has also set up a hotline and made referrals to the Social Welfare Department for providing assistance when necessary.


According to the Compulsory Quarantine of Certain Persons Arriving at Hong Kong Regulation, except for exempted people, those who have stayed in the Mainland for any period during the 14 days preceding arrival in Hong Kong, regardless of nationality and travel documents used, are subject to compulsory quarantine for 14 days.


Contravening the compulsory quarantine requirement is a criminal offence. Offenders are subject to a maximum fine of $25,000 and imprisonment for six months.

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