Police concerned about virus case

February 21, 2020

Police today expressed concern over a COVID-19 case in which a 48-year-old police officer preliminarily tested positive for the virus.


The officer, who lives in the Disciplined Services Quarters in Yau Tong with his wife, is stationed at North Point Division and responsible for anti-riot duties in Eastern District.


He had no travel history in the past 14 days and was on leave February 17 and 18. He felt unwell and attended a Chinese medicine clinic in Western District on February 18. The officer visited a government family clinic the following day and preliminarily tested positive for the virus on February 20.


Acting on the Department of Health's (DH) advice, Police actively traced the officer's work records and his daily activities in the 14 days up to February 18 when he started to develop symptoms.


Initial records showed that the officer mainly carried out duties in Chai Wan, North Point and Aberdeen between February 4 and 16.


He had also attended a banquet with 59 police officers at a restaurant in Western District on February 18. Based on the DH’s advice, all of these officers are considered as close contacts and need to undergo quarantine.


Among them, 36 were on duty in the Aberdeen Division on the evening of February 20.


Police immediately suspended all these officers from duty to limit their contact with the public and allow for them to wait for their quarantine arrangements at home.


The remaining 23 officers attached to the Commercial Crime Bureau and different districts on Hong Kong Island have also been asked to avoid contact with the public and stay at home to wait for quarantine.


Police and the DH are actively looking into the work of the close contacts, including whether they have contact with the public.


According to the DH’s advice, neither the anti-riot officers stationed in Eastern District with the patient nor citizens who have had contact with him are classified as close contacts at this stage.


In the interest of public health however, Police have made arrangements for these anti-riot officers to stay at home for quarantine and avoid contact with the public.


The force added that it will fully co-operate with the DH to carry out quarantine measures for the 59 officers and further investigate the patient's work over the past 14 days.


It will also sterilise all police facilities, vehicles and quarters concerned and deploy resources flexibly to ensure the emergency services of the relevant districts are not affected.

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