Masks pass safety tests

February 17, 2020

Customs announced that it has tested the second batch of 20 surgical mask samples and found that they comply with the bacterial count standard.


The first batch of 20 samples passed the safety test early this month.


Currently, all of the 40 test-purchased surgical masks in two batches have passed the tests and no violations of the Consumer Goods Safety Ordinance have been found.


The department launched a large-scale citywide special operation on January 27 to conduct spot checks, test purchases and inspections in various districts on surgical masks available on the market.


As of February 16, it conducted more than 13,000 inspections at retail spots selling surgical masks and more than 80 samples have been test-purchased.


Customs will continue to inspect surgical mask retail locations and conduct test-buy operations to ensure that masks being sold comply with the Trade Descriptions Ordinance and the Consumer Goods Safety Ordinance.


People can report suspected violations by calling the department at 2545 6182 or by email.

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