Quarantine implementation smooth

February 9, 2020

The Government said the implementation of a 14-day compulsory quarantine on people entering Hong Kong from the Mainland starting February 8 has been generally smooth.


It said cross-boundary people flow reduced significantly as expected and that the requirement for people issued with quarantine orders to stay at home will help reduce the spread of the virus in the community.


There were altogether 468 people, including 411 Hong Kong residents and 57 non-residents, being subject to compulsory quarantine yesterday.


Among them, 459 conducted quarantine at homes or hotels while nine others were at accommodations provided by the Government.


From the measure’s implementation till 7pm today, a total of 918 people, including 814 Hong Kong residents and 104 non-residents, were subject to compulsory quarantine, with only 12 arranged to reside at government facilities.


The Government stressed that self-discipline and community solidarity in fighting against the disease are of utmost importance to the compulsory quarantine’s implementation, adding that it will ensure that people under compulsory quarantine are staying at home by conducting spot checks and making telephone calls.


Most of the people under compulsory quarantine have co-operated with working staff to confirm that they are staying at their dwelling places through mobile phone communication applications’ real-time location sharing function.


The Government will keep monitoring and adjusting the monitoring methods having regard to the number of people requiring quarantine and whether they co-operate with the authorities.


About 130 calls for assistance or enquiries have been made to the 37 hotlines set up by the Home Affairs Department and district offices, while the Social Welfare Department assisted 16 people from 10 families yesterday.


The Government stressed that the new measures have not affected freight services to Hong Kong, with more than 1,900 goods vehicle trips arriving yesterday, and there is no need for people to worry about the supply of food and daily necessity goods.


Cross-boundary passenger flow has been substantially reduced as expected, with the total arrivals yesterday at 23,399, a decrease of 76% when compared to the previous day’s figure. Most of them were Hong Kong residents returning from overseas and international visitors by air.


Yesterday, 1,430 passengers arrived via the two operating land-based control points, Shenzhen Bay and the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge, a drop of 98% from the previous day and mostly being passengers from Macau to Hong Kong.


As at 7pm, 14,763 people arrived via the Hong Kong International Airport, 270 via Shenzhen Bay and 810 via the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge.


The Government said the compulsory quarantine’s smooth implementation and the substantially reduced cross-boundary passenger flow can help reduce the spread of the disease in the community. However, it is also crucial for the public to be aware of social distancing.


Noting that the coming two weeks are critical, the Government appeals to people to stay united to win the battle against the disease.


In particular, people should stay at home as much as possible and refrain from going to crowded places and pay attention to personal hygiene.

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