Pest control plan set

January 22, 2020

The inter-departmental Pest Control Steering Committee held a meeting today to map out its work plan and targets for this year.


The committee reviewed the effectiveness of enhanced anti-rodent and anti-mosquito work as well as technology promotion and application.


Various departments briefed the meeting on strengthened anti-rodent work progress in all 18 districts.


The Food & Environmental Hygiene Department gave an update on its enforcement operations against food premises irregularities such as food preparation in back alleys.


The Housing Authority stepped up cleaning and pest control measures in 52 priority public rental housing estates from June to November last year and selected another 37 priority estates last December.


The Highways Department completed improvement works in various districts' back alleys after considering the community's feedback.


As for the targets of anti-rodent work this year, the Government will strengthen rodent infestation prevention, further step up anti-rodent work on the advice of international experts and improve the condition of environmental hygiene.


As such, the committee expects fewer rodent-related complaints than last year as well as more rodents caught and rodent holes blocked.


Regarding anti-mosquito work, the Government will strengthen prevention, co-ordination and surveillance.


Targets for 2020 include continued work to prevent local Dengue fever cases, further reduce the Area Ovitrap Index and quantify the number of adult mosquitoes.


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