Rioters’ attacks on Police condemned

January 19, 2020

The Government has strongly condemned attacks on police officers during a public assembly in Central today, saying such outrageous acts by rioters completely disregarded law and order.


The police officers were suddenly attacked for no reason while they were discussing matters relating to the assembly with a person-in-charge.


Without any anti-riot equipment, the injured officers immediately left the scene but were continuously assaulted by rioters with poles and other weapons.


During and after the assembly, the rioters went on the rampage in the vicinity of Central to block roads, set fires and attack police officers.


The rioters seriously disrupted traffic in nearby areas and damaged pavements, railings and other public facilities at different locations. They hurled bricks and committed arson, posing a danger to people in the vicinity.


The Government reiterated that Police would not tolerate these violent acts and will strictly enforce the law and conduct investigations to bring offenders to justice.


Noting that rioters invariably use peaceful public assemblies and processions as a cover for vandalism and attacks, the Government appeals to event participants to dissociate themselves from the rioters and heed their own personal safety.


They should also observe Police instructions to leave as soon as the assemblies end to avoid becoming an accomplice to the rioters.

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