Kindergarten profiles posted online

October 9, 2019

Parents can now access the profiles of kindergartens and childcare centres online.


The Education Bureau released the profiles today to provide information on 1,050 kindergartens and childcare centres, including their approved school fees for the 2019-20 school year and the list of kindergartens that have joined the kindergarten education scheme.


For kindergartens under the scheme, their approved school fees after the deduction of government subsidies and whether they have met the prescribed standards under a quality review are shown.


Additionally, the profiles show the number and overall professional qualifications of kindergarten principals and teaching staff, their enrolment, teacher-to-pupil ratio, curriculum, reference prices of major school items, application and registration fees, and information on application for admission.


Information on support for non-Chinese speaking students and students with special needs are also listed.


Parents can pick up printed copies of the profiles at the bureau’s Regional Education Offices, Home Affairs Enquiry Centres, Maternal & Child Health Centres, Social Welfare Department Integrated Family Service Centres, public libraries and Home Affairs Department Support Service Centres for Ethnic Minorities from October 31.


They can also download the profiles from a mobile application.

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