Gov’t fully supports Police

August 18, 2019

The Government expressed regret over a public meeting today which targeted the Police in its slogan and said it fully supports the force in strictly enforcing the law.


In a statement, the Government said Hong Kong has always been a very safe city.


The overall crime figure in 2018 dropped to 54,225 cases, the lowest since 1974, while the crime rate measured by the number of crimes per 100,000 people stood at 728 cases, a new low since 1970.


In addition, the Police Service Satisfaction Survey and the Public Opinion Survey in 2018 conducted by the Police showed that 84% of respondents were either very satisfied or quite satisfied with the force.


Unfortunately, radical and violent protesters repeatedly carried out illegal acts after numerous public processions and meetings in the last two months, the statement said.


The Police have been handling such acts with tolerance and used minimum force to disperse protesters to restore social order only when they were violently attacked and left with no choice.


About 180 police officers have been injured after being attacked by violent protesters so far.


Police officers have been under tremendous work pressure and have always carried out their duties for long hours. Their family members are also under different degrees of intimidation and bullying.


The Government fully supports the Police in strictly enforcing the law and deeply appreciates police officers' efforts in restoring public order and peace, protecting the lives and properties of members of the public and bringing violent protesters to justice, the statement said.


It added the Government highly respects the public's right to peaceful assembly and freedom of speech.


It appealed to those participating in public meetings and processions to express their views peacefully and rationally and say no to violence.

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