Readying for new school year

August 17, 2019

Chief Executive Carrie Lam today received an update from Secretary for Education Kevin Yeung on the preparatory work for the start of the new school year.


Mr Yeung said the bureau has been meeting representatives from the education sector to respond promptly to their concerns and offer help timely.


Mrs Lam and Chief Secretary Matthew Cheung, who also attended the meeting, learnt that related parties have been working on issues such as potential traffic problems at the start of the school year, helping students resume their learning routines, maintaining a harmonious school environment, and handling calls for class boycott.


The Government and the education sector share the same belief that schools are places for students to study, and schools should not be used to express political demand.


The bureau and various sectors in the community hope that school operation will be normal and the environment be peaceful, so that students can learn in a safe, orderly and professional teaching environment without any interferences.


Amid the social incidents in recent months, the bureau believed school principals and teachers will uphold their professionalism and accord top priority to students’ best interest. They will help students understand various issues from different perspectives and counsel students when necessary.


The bureau will keep close ties with schools and offer assistance.

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