Police respect appeal decision

August 17, 2019

Police respected the Appeal Board on Public Meetings & Processions’ decision to approve a public procession to be staged in Kowloon City along the organiser’s suggested alternative route today.


Police originally banned two public meetings and a public procession to be held in the district today. The organiser then lodged an appeal.


After considering the submissions made by the organiser and Police, the appeal board upheld Police’s ban on the two public meetings. As for the procession, the board endorsed the alternative route proposed by the organiser.


Police will be in close contact with the organiser, deploy suitable manpower and take appropriate measures to ensure the public order event is held in a safe and orderly manner.


Police also urged the organiser and participants to respect the board’s decision and observe the conditions imposed upon the public procession as stated in the Letter of No Objection.

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