Liaison office storming condemned

July 21, 2019

The Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government strongly condemned the protesters who stormed the Liaison Office of the Central People’s Government in the HKSAR after taking part in a public procession today.


It made the statement after some radical protesters deviated from the procession route to storm the liaison office and deface the national emblem.


The statement said the liaison office is one of the offices set up by the Central People’s Government in Hong Kong with constitutional functions.


The Hong Kong SARG strongly condemns the protesters who blatantly challenged the national sovereignty by maliciously besieging and storming the liaison office building as well as defacing the national emblem.


It made clear that it will deal with these acts in a serious manner according to the law.


The statement also said the HKSARG has always respected the public expressing their aspirations peacefully. However, a series of incidents occurred recently, including recurrent illegal protests after peaceful processions, charging police cordon lines, besieging the Police Headquarters and blocking roads.


The Police also found illegally stored dangerous goods and a large number of offensive weapons.


The HKSARG is concerned that a small number of radicals incited the masses in an organised manner, challenged the rule of law, and even stormed the Central People’s Government’s office in Hong Kong.


It said such acts threaten law and order in the HKSAR and “one country, two systems”, which is totally unacceptable to society.


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