SJ urges frank communication

July 17, 2019

Secretary for Justice Teresa Cheng today expressed hope that everyone would use a better way to express their love for Hong Kong, set aside their differences and communicate frankly with each other.


Before departing for Beijing, Ms Cheng told reporters at the airport that the impact of recent demonstrations may have left people feeling distressed and worried.


She said the Chief Executive had already made it clear last Tuesday that the Government will not restart the fugitive law amendment exercise, so there was no need to dwell on the exact wording that was used.


Ms Cheng urged everyone to let go of their differences and think about how to move Hong Kong forward through rational and frank communication.


She also noted that the Department of Justice recently met the Law Society of Hong Kong, the Hong Kong Bar Association and representatives of the legal and dispute resolution professions to discuss how to further promote Hong Kong’s legal services. The department also listened to their opinions on the current social situation.


The justice chief also heard the legal profession’s views and hopes for the upcoming Policy Address, so that the policies would be much closer to public opinion when implemented.

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