Healthy app winners announced

July 13, 2019

The Office for Film, Newspaper & Article Administration today announced the winners of four contests that promote the message of “Healthy Information, Healthy Mind" and enhance public understanding of the Control of Obscene & Indecent Articles Ordinance (COIAO). 


The 2018 Healthy Mobile Phone/Tablet Apps Contest and the 2018 Meritorious Websites Contest promote public awareness of apps and websites with healthy, practical and educational content.


The two contests received 257 app and 199 website nominations. The winning entries were selected after taking into account the results of public voting and the assessment of a judging panel.


The Healthy Comic Strip Contest 2019 and the COIAO Slogan & Colouring Competition received over 1,800 and 8,000 entries this year. 


Click here for the results.

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