Graduates' job performance lauded

July 11, 2019

A survey commissioned by the Education Bureau has found that most employers are satisfied with the work performance of local first degree and sub-degree graduates.


The survey covers graduates of locally accredited first degree and sub-degree programmes in 2016.


The results released today, showed that 97% of employers were satisfied with first degree graduates’ overall performance, including 74% who said they were quite satisfied or very satisfied.


For the sub-degree graduates, about 95% of employers were satisfied with their work performance, including 56% who were quite satisfied or very satisfied.


The bureau received over 2,200 valid responses from 1,800 companies, organisations and government agencies in the survey conducted from the first to fourth quarters of 2018.


The survey also showed more than half of employers saw a need to step up industry-institution collaboration and expressed a willingness to provide internships and pre-employment training for post-secondary students.


Click here for the survey.

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