School policy group submits report

July 8, 2019

The Task Force on School-based Management Policy today made 27 recommendations to the Education Bureau to improve the quality of governance in aided schools.


The task force submitted its report after extensive consultation with the education sector and stakeholders.


The proposals include adding resources to strengthen administrative support of schools and management committees, streamlining school administration, and enhancing training and support for school managers.


It also proposed soft training indicators for school supervisors and managers, as well as strengthening communication between the Education Bureau/Incorporated Management Committees and stakeholders.


Secretary for Education Kevin Yeung said the bureau attaches importance to the effective implementation of school-based management, adding the task force's preliminary views were earlier adopted.


“As from the 2019-20 school year, all public sector schools and Direct Subsidy Scheme schools would be given $570 million as additional resources each year to strengthen the administrative support for schools and their management committees, including the implementation of the One Executive Officer for Each School policy.”


The bureau said it would further study the report and consider the recommendations.


Click here for the report.

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