Bill explanation enhanced: CS

May 25, 2019

The Government has been stepping up outreach efforts to ease concerns over the fugitive bill.


Chief Secretary Matthew Cheung made the statement today, saying a lot of misconceptions about the bill stem from a lack of understanding and unnecessary fears.


Mr Cheung told reporters: “We are not ignoring the views of the international community. If anything, in fact, the Secretary for Security and myself have been stepping up our outreaching efforts to articulate our case.


"We are also following the United Nations’ treaty model in what we are doing, and also following the good practices of other countries that are already doing this.


“In the next few weeks, we would still keep an open mind that if there are any practical suggestions which are viable, which can fulfil our dual objectives of solving the murder case in Taiwan and also filling the gaps in our existing regime, we stand ready to consider them.”


Mr Cheung added that moves to oppose the fugitive bill by the European Union and a US congressional committee were regrettable, unfounded and unwarranted.


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