Law views relayed to Central Gov't

May 22, 2019

Chief Executive Carrie Lam today said she has reflected Hong Kong people’s concerns about the fugitive bill to the Central authorities.


Speaking during the Chief Executive's question and answer session at the Legislative Council, Mrs Lam noted the law amendment is not targeted at the Central authorities or other parts of the Mainland, but she understood people’s concerns, as there is a lot of interaction between Hong Kong and the Mainland, with many Hong Kong residents working or conducting business there.


The Chief Executive said she has already reflected Hong Kong people’s concerns to the Central authorities and she will continue taking up the matter with them.


She also refuted suggestions that the Chief Executive cannot refuse any requests, therefore all requested people would be handed over.


Mrs Lam made it clear she is not only accountable to the Central authorities, but also to the people of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region and what happens here.


She noted the Chief Executive’s role is to trigger the mechanism, then refer the case to the court, which is the procedure in other countries as well.


Mrs Lam highlighted that the media plays a very strong monitoring role, so if the court says there is insufficient evidence and the requested person should not be returned, the Chief Executive in this case, would not and cannot return that person.


She added that there is a robust system in Hong Kong and it is impossible for the Chief Executive alone to make a decision and send somebody to another jurisdiction to be dealt with in court.

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