Flower show recycling starts

March 25, 2019
Flower power
Flower power:

Director of Leisure & Cultural Services Michelle Li (sixth left) inspects the collection of recyclable materials at Victoria Park at the end of the Hong Kong Flower Show.

The Leisure & Cultural Services Department has begun its two-day Green Recycling Day in the wake of the Hong Kong Flower Show.


More than 300 volunteers have been recruited to help separate and collect reusable and recyclable materials at Victoria Park, where the flower show was held.


The department implemented a series of green measures encouraging exhibitors, contractors, volunteers and the public to reduce, reuse and recycle waste.


Flowers and landscape displays that can be reused will be relocated to parks and amenity areas for public enjoyment.


While flowers suitable for replanting will be distributed to schools, environmental groups and non-governmental organisations.


About 28,000 potted plants were given to 150 participating organisations.


At the park’s Sugar Street entrance, about 5,000 pots of Chinese hibiscus, the show’s theme flower, were distributed to the public today.


Wilted plants will be sent to the Animal Waste Composting Plant in Ngau Tam Mei for recycling into organic compost.


In collaboration with the Environmental Campaign Committee and the Environmental Protection Department, free lending of 12,500 reusable tableware items was arranged at the showground for each day of the flower show.

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