James Lau to visit Ireland

February 11, 2019

Secretary for Financial Services & the Treasury James Lau will leave for Dublin on February 12 to attend the 4th European Financial Forum.


Mr Lau will promote Hong Kong's strengths as an international financial centre and forge closer financial collaboration with Ireland at the forum.


He will attend the forum’s opening session and deliver a closing keynote speech on Hong Kong’s strengths as well as how it can help global enterprises capture opportunities in the city and the Mainland amid the changing financial landscape.


During his visit, Mr Lau will meet senior government officials, key personnel of the Irish Central Bank and Stock Exchange, and representatives of the country’s fintech industry.


He will also visit global aircraft leasing companies headquartered in Dublin and meet leading figures in the sector.


During Mr Lau’s absence, Under Secretary for Financial Services & the Treasury Joseph Chan will be Acting Secretary.

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