HK air quality improves

January 11, 2019

The air quality in Hong Kong has improved in recent years, the Environmental Protection Department announced today.


During a press conference on the city’s air quality, the department said the improvement reflects the effectiveness of the Government’s green efforts.


Figures showed that from 2013 to 2018, concentrations of major pollutants in the ambient air fell 28% to 54%, while roadside concentrations of the same pollutants fell 32% to 36%.


These pollutants include respirable suspended particulates, fine suspended particulates, nitrogen dioxide and sulphur dioxide.


Assistant Director of Environmental Protection Dave Ho said a range of measures targeting different sources of pollution, including motor vehicles, vessels and power plants have contributed to the improvement in air quality.


He said: “To further improve air quality, we will continue our efforts to take forward some new initiatives to reduce local emissions.


“As announced in the 2018 Policy Address, we plan to phase out some 40,000 Euro IV diesel commercial vehicles by 2023 and we are also preparing for tightening the emission standards for motorcycles and light buses.”

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