147 arrested in customs blitz

January 4, 2019

The Customs & Excise Department arrested 147 people in an anti-smuggling operation during the Christmas and New Year holidays.  


Officers detected 232 cases and seized items worth about $65 million at the airport, seaport, land boundary and railway control points from December 15 to January 2.  


Twenty-three people were arrested in 62 narcotics cases, during which 62kg of dangerous drugs with a market value of more than $34 million was seized mainly from incoming air parcels and air passengers.  


Another 15 people were arrested in 26 endangered species smuggling cases. Agarwood, pangolin scales, controlled cactuses and controlled American ginseng worth about $2.02 million were seized.


Officers arrested seven people after seizing more than 1.08 million illicit cigarettes with a market value of $2.94 million and a duty potential of $2.07 million.  


A total of $3.6 million-worth of counterfeit watches, electronic products, clothing, shoes and socks were also seized. 


Officers also found that 814 incoming passengers failed to make a declaration for carrying tobacco and liquor that exceeded the exempted quantities, out of which 30 were prosecuted and the rest were fined. 


Call 2545 6182 or write to this email account to report suspected drug and smuggling activities.

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