Schools to extend maternity leave

December 18, 2018

Maternity leave for eligible staff in aided, caput, Direct Subsidy Scheme (DSS) schools and kindergartens under the Kindergarten Education Scheme (KG Scheme) will be extended to 14 weeks from January 1, the Education Bureau has announced.


The bureau issued circulars to announce the detailed arrangements today.


It said the Chief Executive's 2018 Policy Address proposed to extend the statutory maternity leave from the current 10 weeks to 14 weeks.


As the Government needs time to amend the relevant ordinance, the bureau has decided to introduce a new measure to promote the good employer spirit.


Staff within the approved establishment of aided schools or contract staff remunerated by aided schools paid out of cash grants, as well as staff of caput and DSS schools, may benefit from the 14 weeks of paid maternity leave if they have completed no less than 40 weeks of continuous service immediately before taking the maternity leave and their actual date of confinement or expected date of confinement falls on or after January 1.


The bureau will also provide resources to support kindergartens which have joined the KG Scheme to extend their staff's paid maternity leave to 14 weeks.


Schools with staff members on maternity leave may need to maintain effective operations by employing supply staff.


Under the new initiative, the bureau will pertinently provide schools with a grant for reimbursement of related expenses arising from employing supply staff.


Kindergartens which have joined the KG Scheme will also be provided with this grant.

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