Creating Anyone for everyone

December 7, 2018

Anyone, the Fire Services Department’s new character who dons a blue full-body spandex suit to promote first aid, has taken Hong Kong by storm.


The department’s Acting Superintendent Chou Wing-yin and his team created the character.


They wanted to use an unexpected and humble way to promote cardiopulmonary resuscitation and the use of automated external defibrillators.


Mr Chou said he was inspired by the department’s "Press to shock - Save a life" poster for the Public Access Defibrillation Course, which features a blue cartoon character.


The public feedback for that cartoon character was unexpectedly positive, which encouraged Mr Chou’s team to create a real-life character to further promote first aid.


He said the team initially thought of using a fluffy costume for the character, but since the costume prevented the use of fingers for CPR demonstrations, they opted for the full-body blue suit.


Mr Chou said they had the full support of the department in creating Anyone, who has starred in three videos so far.


One of the videos was based on a true story of a young father who was saved two years ago. Mr Chou said he hopes the video could inspire people to be brave and give aid to those in need.


Mr Chou who was also the scriptwriter and director, and the camera operators, lighting technicians, film editors and even the actors starring as Anyone are all paramedics.


Superintendent Suki Ng added the number of applications for the department’s first aid course has dramatically increased after Anyone was introduced.


She said the hit character will co-operate with the newly established Community Emergency Preparedness Division to promote the message of safety.


“We know the public likes (the) Anyone concept very much so we will still use this concept because this is a very good concept to say Anyone is all the citizens in Hong Kong.


“(Whoever) is brave can stand up, you can help, you can save people.”

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