Electronic ID secure

December 1, 2018

Secretary for Innovation & Technology Nicholas Yang said today an electronic identity (eID) will be a very effective way to securely access personal data.


The Government is planning to provide citizens with an eID for conducting online transactions and services.


Speaking to reporters after attending a radio programme, Mr Yang said the eID would use biometric authentication.


“eID is like a master key. The master key is linked to your biometric features, for example, your fingerprint, your facial recognition features, your gait or your voiceprint. Voiceprint doesn’t mean your voice sound but the way you talk, the emphasis you have. All of these are through a government platform. We will use it to authenticate the eID when it’s used.


“eID itself does not contain any personal information, personal data, zero.” 


Mr Yang noted the eID would first be used for e-government services, and that it was up to citizens and private sector companies to decide whether to use it or not.

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