Kevin Yeung visits Islands District

November 20, 2018

Secretary for Education Kevin Yeung today visited an integrated services centre in Tung Chung and met Islands District Councillors to discuss education and district issues.


Mr Yeung visited the Hong Kong Sheng Kung Hui Tung Chung Integrated Services in Fu Tung Estate.


He toured the centre's facilities and talked with its clients, including students and parents of students with special educational needs about their studies and service requirements.


The centre provides children, young people, families, seniors and new immigrants with services including guidance, healthcare, rehabilitation, training, employment and counselling.


Mr Yeung said the Government attaches great importance to the whole-person development of students.


He said the Chief Executive proposed in her 2018 Policy Address to provide a new recurrent Life-wide Learning Grant with an annual provision of $900 million, starting from the 2019-20 school year.


The grant will support public sector schools and schools under the Direct Subsidy Scheme in taking forward life-wide learning.


Mr Yeung said: “For example, activities like field studies and workplace experience can enable students to learn in real-life contexts and broaden their horizons. Community service can also help develop students' care for others and empathy.


“We trust that the enlivened and enriched learning experiences will not only enhance students' interest in learning, but also help them develop positive values and attitudes." 


The Government will also enhance its efforts to provide support for students with special educational needs.


Starting from the 2019-20 school year, an additional funding of $800 million per year will be offered to schools so they can acquire more resources and teaching staff, as well as professionals such as educational psychologists and speech therapists.


Mr Yeung said he hopes with the concerted efforts of the Government, schools and social welfare organisations, children and young people with different talents will be better supported in unleashing their potential.

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