Mainland tours issue being tackled

November 9, 2018

Guangdong authorities have taken action to tackle the issue of Mainland tour groups travelling to Hong Kong that have not been received by local travel agencies, Secretary for Commerce & Economic Development Edward Yau said today. 


He noted Guangdong's Department of Culture & Tourism has informed the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government that it has issued instructions and guidelines to all travel agencies operating tours to Hong Kong, reminding them to comply with Hong Kong’s rules and regulations.


If tourists are coming in groups through the assistance of travel agents, the recommended arrangement is that they are received by Hong Kong agents, Mr Yau said.


“That would help to better organise and manage the groups, including with better planning of their sightseeing routes and transport arrangements on both coming in and returning to their home places.”


Mr Yau added the Travel Industry Council is taking initiatives in contacting its Mainland counterparts to better dovetail their services, to ensure better services. 


“All in all, the two governments and the travel businesses of both ends of the bridge are in contact and working together to ease the pressure in Hong Kong, particularly in Tung Chung.”

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