HK continues to be strategic gateway

November 5, 2018

Hong Kong will continue to be the country’s strategic gateway to the world.


Chief Executive Carrie Lam made the statement today in Shanghai after touring the inaugural China International Import Expo.


Mrs Lam said the theme of the Hong Kong Exhibition Area located at the China Pavilion of the Country Pavilion for Trade & Investment is "Hong Kong In", symbolising Hong Kong's role in the past four decades as a strategic gateway for the reform and opening up of the country.


She said with the development of the Belt & Road Initiative, Hong Kong will continue to play this role.


The city will help Mainland enterprises go global and assist international companies in entering the Mainland market.


Hong Kong can also provide professional services to Mainland enterprises which are planning to invest in Belt & Road countries, she added.


Regarding a media report claiming the Chief Executive is considering a top-level reshuffle, Mrs Lam said the report was just speculation.


Mrs Lam added she is not planning to split the Transport & Housing Bureau at the moment as the Government still has much work to do.

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