Kevin Yeung visits Zhejiang

October 29, 2018
Cultural meeting
Cultural meeting :

Secretary for Education Kevin Yeung (centre) meets Hong Kong students during a visit to the China Academy of Art in Hangzhou.


Secretary for Education Kevin Yeung visited two education institutions and an innovation and technology enterprise in Zhejiang today.


In the morning, Mr Yeung toured Hangzhou CIS, a project run by Chinese International School, and visited the Xixi Park of Alibaba Group.


While visiting the park, he met young people from Hong Kong and learned more about their work in the enterprise.


Mr Yeung said the Internet and other technological advancements have removed geographical barriers to young people's learning and development.


Hong Kong has put more emphasis on information technology and science, technology, engineering and mathematics education, while increasing investment in higher education to provide more research funding and nurture talents, he added.


The education secretary encouraged youngsters to contribute to Hong Kong's development as an international innovation and technology hub.


He also stopped by the China Academy of Art.


In the past two days, Mr Yeung met Zhejiang Vice Governor Cheng Yuechong and Zhejiang Department of Education Director Guo Huawei.


He also met CPC Hangzhou Committee Secretary Zhou Jiangyong, CPC Hangzhou Committee Secretary General Xu Ming, Hangzhou Government Vice Mayor Chen Hongying and Hangzhou Education Bureau Director Shen Jianping.

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