Student assessment results out

October 23, 2018

The Hong Kong Examinations & Assessment Authority has submitted the 2018 Territory-wide System Assessment (TSA) report to the Education Bureau.


About 10% of Primary Three students from public sector and Direct Subsidy Scheme schools took part in the assessment.


The report said the performance of the participating Primary Three and Secondary Three students in the three subjects of Chinese, English and mathematics was steady.


The bureau noted the Primary Three TSA this year was conducted on the basis of no student names, no school names, no collection of reports and selection of participants by sampling.


The authority will provide participating primary schools with the data for use as feedback.


The bureau will not obtain school reports of individual schools from the authority.


The new arrangements have re-established the TSA as a low-stakes assessment without the need for drilling and the education sector is generally satisfied with them, the bureau added.


Seminars on the 2018 TSA arrangements will be held in November to introduce effective ways of using the assessment data and information to enhance learning and teaching.


The bureau will also closely observe the implementation of the new arrangements and explore room for continuous improvement and follow-up arrangements.


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