Tunnel toll changes can reduce cost

October 12, 2018

The Policy Address proposal to adjust cross-harbour tunnel tolls can save more than $800 million in social costs due to traffic jams a year, Secretary for Transport & Housing Frank Chan said.


It can also reduce carbon dioxide emitted from vehicles by 3,800 tonnes a year, he added.


Mr Chan made the statement at a press conference today to elaborate on the measures outlined in the Policy Address.


Under the toll rationalisation plan, the tolls payable by private cars, taxis and motorcycles for using the Western Harbour Crossing will be lowered, while the tolls of the Cross-Harbour Tunnel and the Eastern Harbour Crossing will be increased.


Mr Chan said: “We have to make a choice. Either we choose to continue to tolerate the congestion, spending more time on the road and burning gases for no purpose.


“Or rather we choose to pay a little bit more, spend less time on the road and save a few tonnes of carbon dioxide to make our city greener.”

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