Anti-poverty efforts ongoing: CS

October 12, 2018

Chief Secretary Matthew Cheung says the Government’s efforts to alleviate poverty are ongoing.


Speaking to the media today, Mr Cheung noted the Government has improved the Low-income Working Family Allowance Scheme and renamed it the Working Family Allowance Scheme.


More than 40,000 applications were received within the first six months of the updated scheme, of which more than 10,000 were new applications.


He also said the non-means-tested Public Transport Fare Subsidy Scheme will be implemented early next year.


This year’s Policy Address also announced expanding the target beneficiaries of the Community Care Fund Elderly Dental Assistance Programme to cover all elderly receiving Old Age Living Allowance aged 65 or above.


Mr Cheung added the social welfare expenditure has reached $79.8 billion.

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