Initiatives to improve labour relations

October 11, 2018

A series of labour-related policy initiatives proposed in the Policy Address will foster good labour relations.
Chief Executive Carrie Lam made the statement at the Legislative Council 2018 Policy Address question and answer session today.
On the abolition of the “offsetting” arrangement under the Mandatory Provident Fund Scheme, the financial commitment of the entire government subsidy scheme will be significantly increased to $29.3 billion.
Regarding the extension of statutory maternity leave from the current 10 weeks to 14 weeks, the pay for the additional period will be fully covered by the Government for employees earning a monthly income of $50,000 or below.
Mrs Lam also noted the issue of labour shortage in Hong Kong and the requests from different sectors to import labour.
She said the initiatives outlined in the Policy Address will help improve labour relations and pave the way for the discussion of labour importation.

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