Community supports proactive Gov’t

October 10, 2018

Chief Executive Carrie Lam said her new style of governance, in which the Government plays the roles of facilitator and promoter, has received wide recognition from the community. 


Delivering her Policy Address, she said various bureaus and departments have become more proactive in handling economic and livelihood issues, and some of those efforts have been reflected in more than 240 new initiatives in the Policy Agenda.


Mrs Lam said her Government has expanded the civil service establishment to continue to effectively implement new initiatives.


To boost staff training, a new civil service college will be established with upgraded training facilities.


The college will be built on a site with an area of about 11,000 sq m in Kwun Tong and is expected to be completed in 2026.

In the meantime, the Government will set up a civil service training advisory board comprising professionals and government officials to provide guidance on training programmes for the civil service and its long-term development strategy.


Mrs Lam also mentioned a considerable number of people think the Transport & Housing Bureau is overburdened and should be split into two, and a new policy bureau should be established to co-ordinate housing and land policies.


She said she will consider how to implement the suggestion.

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