Schools to get typhoon grant

September 27, 2018

Schools can submit applications for a special grant to help with the extra cost of recovery works following Typhoon Mangkhut, the Education Bureau announced today.


Public sector schools, Direct Subsidy Scheme schools, and kindergartens that have joined the Kindergarten Education Scheme can apply for the Special Grant on Typhoon Disturbance on or before November 30.


The grant is expected to be disbursed to schools in January 2019.


The basic ceiling of the grant for public sector schools and DSS schools is $150,000 each, while it is $50,000 each for KG Scheme kindergartens.


Schools that need to apply for a subsidy exceeding the basic ceiling should explain their special circumstances and the bureau will consider such applications on a case-by-case basis.


Public sector schools can use the special grant to cover the expenditure incurred from the cleaning up, repair works, replacement of standard school facilities and equipment, or procurement of necessary items as a result of the typhoon.


It applies to expenditure on works that cannot be covered by the Emergency Repairs mechanism but have to be carried out soon.


The recovery works include emergency restoration to be conducted out of safety concerns or for expeditious resumption of normal school operation, such as removal and trimming of fallen trees, clearing of waste from the campus, minor repairs and cleaning of school premises, facilities and equipment.


Caput schools, DSS schools and kindergartens can also use the special grant to pay for emergency repair costs and replacement of standard school facilities, including repairs of doors, windows, fences, pipes on external walls, outdoor lighting facilities damaged by strong winds.

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