CAS helps prepare for typhoon

September 15, 2018
Storm preparation
Storm preparation:

Civil Aid Service members appeal to Lei Yue Mun Village residents to move to a temporary shelter, as Super Typhoon Mangkhut approaches.

The Civil Aid Service today sent members to Lei Yue Mun and Tai O to help residents prepare for the storm in response to the risk of serious flooding in lowland areas, as Super Typhoon Mangkhut approaches Hong Kong.


The service sent 40 members to Tai O this morning.


Together with the Islands District Office and other departments, they appealed to the residents, especially those who live in stilt houses or areas affected by serious flooding in the past, to move to temporary shelters as early as possible.


Service members also assisted residents in moving their household furniture to higher points to lessen the damage from flooding.


Meanwhile, the service worked with the Kwun Tong District Office and sent 20 members to join the Police to urge Lei Yue Mun Village residents to move to the temporary shelter at Lei Yue Mun Sports Centre.

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