Views on fire safety rules sought

August 9, 2018

The Security Bureau has launched a public consultation to seek views on the legislative proposal for improving fire safety of old industrial buildings.


The Government proposes to introduce a new piece of legislation requiring owners and occupiers of pre-1987 industrial buildings to upgrade the requirements of fire service installations and equipment, and fire safety construction of their buildings.


The new legislation targets buildings which were wholly or partly constructed to be used as a factory, workshop, industrial undertaking, godown, warehouse, place of bulk storage or similar industrial establishment on or before March 1, 1987.


Under the new legislation, the Director of Fire Services and Director of Buildings will inspect the buildings and serve fire safety directions to require the owners and occupiers to upgrade fire safety standards.


The requirements must be met within the period set out in the directions.


Views can be sent by fax to 2868 9159 or by email by October 8.

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