Parent education views sought

July 23, 2018

The Task Force on Home-school Co-operation & Parent Education has launched a public consultation to seek views on its preliminary recommendations.


To follow up on the announcement in the Chief Executive's 2017 Policy Address, the Education Commission set up the task force on December 1 to review the existing approach and practices in promoting home-school co-operation and parent education.


Task force Chairman Tim Lui said: "It is the view of the Task Force that the promotion of parent education and home-school co-operation should be more comprehensive and strategic.


"We suggest that school-based, community-based and territory-wide parent education programmes should be provided. Diversified and innovative modes should also be adopted, such as e-learning and parent education programmes provided in the workplace."


Other suggestions include launching a campaign to advocate the healthy and happy development of children and avoidance of excessive competition, and further strengthening the roles of parent-teacher associations and federations of parent-teacher associations.


The task force also recommended a curriculum framework on parent education for the needs of parents at school levels from kindergarten to secondary.


View can be sent by fax (2391 0470) or email by September 14.


The task force will also hold three consultation sessions to collect views.


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