Space cadets to lift off

July 17, 2018

Thirty youngsters are heading to Beijing later this month for an eight-day space training programme.


Speaking at the send-off ceremony today, Chief Secretary Matthew Cheung said the Government will inject more resources into secondary and primary schools and strengthen training for teachers to cultivate future scientific talents.


Mr Cheung encouraged the youngsters to use the opportunity to gain a better understanding of the country’s development in aerospace.


The Young Astronaut Training Camp will take place from July 30 to August 6 during which the youngsters will visit major space and astronomy facilities and attend lectures on space science and technology.


They will also wear spacesuits and receive psychological and blood redistribution adaptability training.


Camp participant Lam Hoi-yee said: “I think it is a great experience and even the students in (the Mainland), they can’t go to the places that we are going to visit. We can have this chance to learn more.” 


Fellow participant Cheung Yee-tung said she wants to learn more about astronaut training.


More than 160 students from about 110 schools applied for a chance to take part in the training camp.


Those selected were chosen after three rounds of selection, which involved a quiz on astronomy and space science, a three-day pre-camp to test their physical abilities and an interview.

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