Railway safety assured

July 11, 2018

The structure of the facilities and operation of the Light Rail Tin Wing Stop are safe, the Government says.


In response to media enquiries on the settlement of the stop's platform, the Government noted today it has always accorded top priority to railway safety and has put in place a stringent regulatory system.


Government departments and the Mass Transit Railway Corporation have stringent mechanisms requiring contractors to regularly monitor the effect of construction works to railway structures nearby and to submit reports.


At present there are two cases of works suspension. One concerns the viaduct piers of Yuen Long Station on the West Rail Line while the other is for the Light Rail Tin Wing Stop platform. 


For the Tin Wing Stop, the corporation has notified the Buildings Department of the case, and the latter confirmed structural safety has not been affected.


The Electrical & Mechanical Services Department has also reviewed the corporation's rail monitoring data and confirmed the rail's condition has not been affected and the concerned tracks comply with safety standards and are running normally.


The departments will monitor the situation to ensure safety.


The corporation and government departments took action once they were informed of the monitoring results, showing the monitoring mechanisms are effective.


In response to public concern, government departments are reviewing the communication and information dissemination arrangements for similar incidents with the corporation to enhance transparency.

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