38 teachers commended

July 6, 2018

Chief Executive Carrie Lam presented the Chief Executive's Award for Teaching Excellence to 12 teachers at the Central Government Offices today.


Secretary for Education Kevin Yeung presented the Certificate of Merit to 26 teachers.


This year's awards covered kindergarten education, physical education and technology education.


Leung Wai-yip from Tung Wah Group of Hospitals Chang Ming Thien College was presented with an award for his dedication in teaching design and technology for more than three decades.


He said he encourages his students to find solutions to daily problems they observe in the world around them.


"The ultimate goal of STEM is to solve a daily life problem. We need to find (the) problems from our surrounding environment and from our society. For example, my students developed the 'iRoad system'.


"The 'iRoad system' can help the blind to walk along the road. Why (can) they develop the system? Because there's a blind centre nearby our school. They always see blind people walking along the road so they think they must have some changes."


There was a total of 93 nominations for this year's awards.


The nominated teachers were assessed in four areas, namely professional competence, student development, professionalism and commitment to the community, as well as school development.


Nominations for the 2018-19 awards will be accepted from July 9 to October 5.


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