TV advertising rules relaxed

July 4, 2018

The Communications Authority today said it will relax the regulation of indirect television advertising.


Indirect advertising, in the form of product placement and unpaid commercial references, will be permitted in TV programmes except for news, current affairs, children, educational, religious and other devotional programmes.


Product placement will be allowed if the exposure or use of products or services within a programme is presented in a natural and unobtrusive manner, and if there is no direct encouragement for its purchase or use.


The authority said the decision came after its review of the Codes of Practice, and after taking into account the views collected through consultation with the industry and the public.


The relaxation will help broadcasting licensees to diversify their source of advertising and strikes a balance between providing a more conducive business environment to licensees in light of keen competition in the industry, it said.


The authority also decided to lift the prohibition on inclusion of advertisements for undertakers or others associated with death or burial in a licensed television programme service and sound broadcasting service.


The revised codes will be gazetted on July 6 and will take effect on July 27.


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