Corporate intern scheme starts

June 14, 2018

Chief Secretary Matthew Cheung today kicked off the Pilot Scheme on Corporate Summer Internship on the Mainland & Overseas.


Under the scheme, 16 enterprises will provide 250 internship places on the Mainland and overseas for Hong Kong undergraduate students.


Mr Cheung said the scheme will offer a better future for Hong Kong's young people and he encouraged them to treasure this opportunity.


Anny So is studying corporate banking at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. She will be a Bank of China (Hong Kong) intern under the scheme.


She said she has been inspired by the Belt & Road Initiative and is going to Jakarta to do her internship.


"So as the capital as well as the financial centre of Indonesia, I would like to learn more about the opportunities in Jakarta as well as how they can combine the corporate as well as the commercial culture with their local culture."


Another intern under the scheme, University of Hong Kong mechanical engineering student Kimberley Chu, will work in CLP's wind farm in Shandong.


She said she wants to get more experience and knowledge on wind power, adding she hopes to help develop the industry in Hong Kong.


University of Science & Technology chemical and biological engineering student Jacky Ku is a Towngas intern and is set to work at a methanol plant in Inner Mongolia.


"This scheme can help me to know more about the culture of Towngas as well as the requirement for their graduate trainees as I talk to other staff during my internship programme.


"It can give me a chance to test my ability and use what I learn on campus in the real world. Through the work, I can know about my strength or weakness and I can improve it in the final year of my study."


Their internship will run for six to eight weeks this summer.

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