GFS exhibition to open

June 14, 2018

Government Flying Service exhibition will open at the Science Museum on June 15.


It introduces the daily work of GFS with the aid of videos and interactive exhibits.


Highlights include a fixed-wing training aircraft, scaled-down models of the GFS fleet, an air-droppable life raft and a helicopter firefighting bucket.


The life raft is used to rescue people at sea, and can hold up to 11 people.


The helicopter bucket is made of fiberglass and can carry more than 700 litres of water. Holes in the upper part of the bucket remove excess water.


Government Flying Service Controller Michael Chan said: "I think it is a good opportunity for us to interact with the mass public in an educational setting.


"Another reason is for us to promote ourselves to the public and let the public know that we are one of the disciplined service departments, but we are different in a way. We are a very STEM department - science, technology, engineering and mathematics - because we employ to a very large extent the latest technology."


Another exhibition entitled Above & Beyond will open on the same day.


It offers an interactive demonstration of human advances in aviation and aerospace, from the first powered flights to the newest innovations on Earth and in space.


Visitors can design their own supersonic fighter jet and test it in a virtual high speed flying competition.


They can also experience the challenge of an ultra-long-haul journey to Mars.


The exhibitions will run until October 17.

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