Gov't reducing plastic cutlery use

June 13, 2018

The Government is concerned about the impact of disposable plastic tableware on the environment and has taken the lead in avoiding its use.


Acting Secretary for the Environment Tse Chin-wan told the Legislative Council today disposable plastic tableware, which makes up 2% of local municipal solid waste, threatens marine organisms.


"There is no way Hong Kong can remain aloof from the issue. To achieve a plastic-free ocean, eliminating plastics at source is the most fundamental way.


"The Government is thus deeply concerned about the environmental impacts brought by disposable plastic tableware."


The Government has taken the lead in avoiding the use of disposable tableware and has issued internal guidelines to bureaus and departments to avoid the use of such items.


He also said the Government will explore the possibility of requiring canteen operators on its properties to avoid offering plastic straws and other disposable tableware.

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