Astronaut camp recruitment starts

May 1, 2018

The 10th Young Astronaut Training Camp is seeking new recruits. It is accepting nominations from secondary schools until May 31.


Selected participants will attend astronaut training programmes on the Mainland for free from July 30 to August 6.


They will visit Beijing Aerospace City, the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Centre and the Xinglong Observatory to learn about China's astronomy and aerospace development.


Students will also meet aerospace experts and astronauts, and attend lectures on space science and technology.


Training includes wearing spacesuits, using a "space kitchen", psychological training, escape and survival training, and blood-redistribution adaptability training.


Upon completion of the training they will undergo an assessment and be presented with certificates.


Each school can nominate two students who are in Secondary 2 to 6. Thirty participants will be selected.


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