Bus review committee formed

March 13, 2018

Chief Executive Carrie Lam today announced the establishment of an independent committee to review franchised bus services.


This comes after a fatal bus crash in Tai Po on February 10.


Speaking to the media before today's Executive Council meeting, Mrs Lam said she appointed Court of Appeal Vice-President Justice Michael Lunn to lead the committee.


Two other committee members are Lingnan University Council Chairman Rex Auyeung and Chair Professor for the University of Science & Technology's Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering Lo Hong-kam.


Mrs Lam said the committee will ensure the safety and reliability of Hong Kong's franchised bus services which play an important role in public transportation, being responsible for four million daily passenger trips.


"It will broadly cover the issues relating to the operation of the bus services," she said of the committee.


"The review committee will also look at the regulatory side, so in other words the Government's role in regulating the franchised bus operators to ensure safe and reliable service will also be fully examined by the review committee."


The body will start work later this month and is expected to complete its report in nine months.

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